Girl Sees DeLorean For First Time – Freaks Out

Delorean Still Impresses Over 30 Years Later

This young girls dad bought a Delorean and decided to play a trick on his daughter who had never seen a one before.  In the video the dad appears to stumble across the Delorean and asks his daughter to take a  photo.  He then opens the door of the car, which horrifies the young girl as she thinks her dad is doing something wrong.  Everything soon becomes clear and the girl realises they own the car and she flips out.

Over 30 years later the DMC-12 is still impresses folks old and young alike.  It shows just how popular the car is all these years later.

The youtube video has over 270,000 views at the time of writing.

“We bought a Delorean without telling our daughter. This is the video of her finding out! She thinks we are taking pics of someone else’s car when I jump in and start it. She freaks!”

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