DeLorean Biopic Driven to close Venice International Film Festival

DeLorean Biopic Driven, the 2018 movie of car creator John DeLorean will close the prestigious Venice International Film Festival next month it has been announced.

The upcoming DeLorean biopic Driven tells the story of maverick car designer John Z DeLorean, whose Belfast-built DMC-12 gullwing cars became one of the automotive icons of the 1980s, featuring in the ‘Back To The Future’ film series.

delorean biopic driven‘Driven’ stars Jason Sudeikis as Hoffman and Lee Pace as DeLorean.  Judy Greer and Corey Stoll co-star in the film.  The synopsis on the Venice Film Festival website reads;

“It’s 1974 and Jim Hoffman (Jason Sudeikis) is your average family man—father of two, hard-working pilot, doting husband to Ellen (Judy Greer). Oh, he’s also an occasional drug smuggler. And when Jim is caught using his family vacation to smuggle cocaine into the US, ambitious FBI agent Benedict J. Tisa (Corey Stoll) sees an opportunity to earn a major victory for the Bureau by using Jim to entrap his elusive supplier.

Starting over in an affluent San Diego neighbourhood on the government’s payroll, Jim’s duties as a confidential informant get side-tracked when he befriends his famous neighbour, motoring engineer and designer John DeLorean (Lee Pace). Bedazzled by DeLorean’s charm and vision, Jim soon finds himself in DeLorean’s inner circle at the launch of a new enterprise that promises to revolutionize the American motor industry.

However, when DeLorean’s dream hits the buffers with his company set to go belly-up, and Tisa’s nowhere near getting his guy, Jim suddenly finds himself caught between two desperate men who are willing to do anything to succeed.”

The DeLorean biopic Driven is directed by Belfast’s Nick Hamm and penned by Co Down writer Colin Bateman.

The festival, which takes place from 29 August until 8 September, is one of the most high-profile in the world.  We seen our first glimpse of Driven back in November 2017

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